Aromatherapy | Essential Oil For Animals, Dogs, Cats And Others

Are you wanting to use Aromatherapy on your pets? Essential Oil For Animals, Dogs, Cats And Others, here's how to use it


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5/12/20222 min read


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Aromatherapy has been used since the beginning of time in heal different types of ailments. But did you know that essential oils can actually be used on animals? Not just our pets like cats and dogs, but all animals.

There are various application methods and techniques that can be used on a variety of animals. Each method can has its own advantages and is appropriate for a variety of purposes. Of course, you can always get a consultation with Jessica if you need advice on which method would suit your animal the best.

In general, animals get a rough deal in this world. From farming techniques that pump them full of chemicals and with food for herbivores sometimes containing animal matter. Even some pet goods have questionable sources. Caring for our animals the way we'd want to can be a hassle with veterinary fees getting high.

Fortunately, natural treatments for animals are available on JNW. Professionals like vets, breeders, trainers and farmers have come to appreciate that in some cases, a natural option is the better way forward.

Special consideration needs to be given when using essential oils on animals as they have a more sensitive sense of smell.


These can be used for pet body sprays and therapeutic skin application. They can also be used for bedding areas, during travel and as air fresheners in general or even room sprays. The spray most often consist of an herbal or essential oil water-based mixture.


Oils are mainly used for skin, coat, paw or hoof application of essential oils or to carry herbal concoctions. Essential oils are first diluted in carrier oils. This dilution is then added to gels, ointment, and balms. Some carrier oils such as Tamunu and Neem oil, have excellent properties and can be used as treatment in their own right.


Used for specific skin areas and for paws and hoof applications, balms and ointments are made from carrier oils mixed with thicker natural agents such as beeswax, Shea butter and cocoa butter.


Gels are very popular for most pet skin applications and can be used in place of ointments or balms. Generally, gels have a nonoily texture and include aloe vera gel and silica gel.


A true hydrolats is created when plant material has been distilled purely to produce a product that contains traces of essential oils and the water-soluble properties of the plant material. For some smaller animals, hydrolats and essential oil waters are sometimes a better option than using essential oils in other methods.

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