Bach Flowers For Sexual Dysfunction, Low Libido

Bach Flowers For Sexual Dysfunction, Low Libido. Bach Flowers have several combinations of remedies for sexual dysfunction and low libido.


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5/12/2022 2 min read

Bach Flowers For Sexual Dysfunction, Low Libido

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Sexual Dysfunction, Low Libido, any issues related to the private and sensual parts of our lives are subjects very difficult to bring up. Dysfunctional sexuality and low libido can happen to everyone although sexual dysfunction is more common in men and is then known as an erectile dysfunction. But here, with Bach Flowers, it kind of does not matter. Because either way, there's a remedy for the dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction is a problem that can happen during any phase of the sexual response cycle. It prevents you from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity. The sexual response cycle traditionally includes excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.


Low Libido is sexual dysfunction marked by inhibited sexual desire and inability to sustain arousal during sexual activities. Diminished sexual drive may be related to advanced age, psychogenic causes, general illness, side effects of some medications, or substance abuse.

In men it manifests as partial or complete failure to attain or maintain erection until completion of the sex act. In women there is partial or complete failure to attain or maintain the vaginal lubrication-swelling response of sexual excitement until completion of the sex act.


Social factors, such as work and family, and internal psychological factors, such as personality and stress, can affect libido. Libido can also be affected by medical conditions, medications, lifestyle and relationship issues, and age.

Having a sexual dysfunction, low libido or any kind of sexual issues is often linked to the person's state of mind. A person having a difficult relationship or being in a loveless marriage could experience sexual dysfunctions.

With Bach Flowers remedies, there are millions of elixirs that could be created to help with sexual dysfunctions. Because Bach Flowers Remedies deal with the source of the issue while easing the underlying concerns. A Bach Flowers Remediy for sexual dysfunction will primarily work on just that but at the same time, the other flower essences that I will had will work on (for example) depression if you have it, insecurity if that's one of your issues.

The remedies will help regain desire and a healthy sexual appetite.

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